Our Services

From the simple loop to the most complex clasp, we produce every kind of metal accessories to enrich shoes, leather products and items of clothing, but we also produce mechanical parts for every field of application.

Our aim is to merge craftsmanship and technology to produce high quality products which carry on and at the same time renovate the tradition of the Florentine manufactures.
We start from the customer's idea, whether well-defined or simply sketched, and we put at the client's disposal all our experience to develop the original idea into a prototype and then a finished product which offers the best price/quality ratio.

We usually follow all production steps, but we can also work on semi-finished products.
We work with every amount of product, from the few units needed for prototypes to the thousands pieces for large scale productions, and we always guarantee quality, flexibility and on-time delivery.
We mainly work with brass, but we also manufacture aluminium, steel and plastic materials.